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MyTheatre is a multimedia application for end user which allows watch Satellite TV and Radio, playback multimedia files (mpg, mp3, DivX and many others) and DVD. MyTheatre is highly integrated application. Click here for read more about MyTheatre.

There are many users and independent developers which like DVBCore and MyTheatre. Some of them wrote their own plug-ins and addons which extend power of MyTheatre and DVBCore. Click here to read about these addons.





MyTheatre v4.0.130
- Many fixes and improvements made since last release.
- Fixes in device modules
- Added supports for AverMedia DVB-S2 CI card 3DTV.

MyTheatre v4.0 Beta-11
- IVR modes have been redesigned for easier use.
- add IVR mode with screen resolution. In this mode quality of video will
  be as good as in simple non-IVR mode.
- fix: non-registered version could crash before 1 hour.
- some other minor fixes.

MyTheatre v4.0 Beta-10
- added support for Technotrend S2-3650CI.
  May be CT-3650CI will work as well.
- fixed problem with EPG appeared in beta-9
- added display number in all sorting mode.
- (n)/(a) mark on sort buttons indicating number/alpha sorting.
  It can be changed by second click on the same button.
- Option to copy Channel name to Provider name while scan
  (Misc. Settings)
- Option to copy SID to Cjannel number while scan (Misc. Settings)
- Added "Optimize for NA" button into expert settings.
  It sets scan parameters suitable for North American providers.
- cleanup code from old ANSI stuff.

MyTheatre v4.0 Beta-9
- Re-written procedures of channel lock and playback TS files
- new: added option:
          Miscellaneous->Update Channel PIDs with every switch.
- some minor fixes.

MyTheatre v4.0 Beta-8
- fix: if multiple card used, MT couldn't choose correct card while
   channel scanning.
- fix: plugins couldn't receive correct channel names.
- fix: timeshift buffer file haven't been deleted.
- fix: shortcuts for favorite plugins didn't work
- fix: simple OSD info in generic mode didn't work.
- some other fixes.

MyTheatre v4.0 Beta-7
- fix: numerous problems caused by switching to Unicode support.
- fix: MyTheatre could stop responding while detecting CAM module.
- fix: Beta-6 couldn't accept registration key
- other fixes and enhancements.

MyTheatre v4.0 Beta-6
- Beta program for whole public is open now
- Many changes since version 3.
- MyTheatre now is unicode compatible (except OSD) in file names,
  channel names, EPG, etc..
- More details about changes will be published on forum later.

MyTheatre v3.38.2
- Added support for TeVii cards S400,S600,S420
- fix for SkyStar1/Nexus for handling some streams.
- Note: this is NOT summary of my work for one year. This is only hot fix
    for 3.xx version. Version 4 will be presented later which will include
    global changes in MyTheatre such as h.264 support and other features.

MyTheatre v3.38
- Added support for Genpix and DVBTech 8PSK boards. 
  For proper transponder settings please contact Genpix and DVBTech respectively.
- BroadLogic cards now supported again.
- Added DishPro LNB support. (Choose "DishPro" in LOFSW field of
  satellite and correct DishPro LOF1/2 settings)
- some minor fixes.



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