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DirectShow Decoders


MyTheatre uses 3rd party codecs to decode MPEG2 stream and multimedia files. These codecs come with some software which you need install. I suggest use following codecs:

for MPEG2 stream, DVD and files:

Cyberlink Video and Audio decoders from PowerDVD:  www.gocyberlink.com
InterVideo Audio decoder from WinDVD: www.intervideo.com

for DivX files: http://www.divx.com/divx/

also look in www.doom9.org - there you'll find many software decoders which can be used in MyTheatre.

Here you can find codecs also http://www.kmstudio.com.ua/video/codecs.htm



About Plugins and Addons


There are many users and independent developers which like DVBCore and MyTheatre. Some of them wrote their own plug-ins and addons which extend power of MyTheatre and DVBCore. Here you can find some of these plugins. If you know some plugins which not present here then write message with coordinates where to download.

P.S.: Some authors are unknown. If you are author and want see your name in description then write e-mail, please.



Plugins/Addons download



here you can download various plugins, languages, skins and utilities for MyTheatre

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