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For Hardware Manufacturers


if you are manufacturer of DVB equipment, Remote Control Unit or some other devices and want see support in MyTheatre then write to saar@dvbcore.com.

You have hardware and want application which totally different from MyTheatre? Other serious proposals? Don't hesitate mail to saar@dvbcore.com




Affiliate Program


We are seeking resellers and associates who want to make money selling MyTheatre.

We utilize a 2-level affiliate structure and we pay you 15% commissions on the sales you generate directly (through your e-shop) and 5% on the sales you generate indirectly through Share-It service.

To register affiliate through Share-It click here.

Saar Software handles all of the customer service of sales generated from your
e-shop. Please write to saar@dvbcore.com for details.

ATTENTION: We do not tolerate any kind of spam techniques used to market MyTheatre. The affiliate agreement will be suspended if we receive reports of spam, such as Usenet postings or mass emails.



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